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Thank you for registering for the Board Recruitment Fair on Aug 21!
We have plenty of spots for POCI – please help spread the word and invite your friends, family, colleagues. Ask them to register here:


Board Recruitment Fair
Monday August 21, 2017

Courtyard Marriott, 1500 S. Washington Ave, Mpls.
Transit: Green Line West Bank station is nearby.
Parking: see attachment at bottom of page.


NEW this year: Post-event social from 7ish-9pm! Hosted by Make It. MSP. at Republic, 221 Cedar Ave S. (across the street from the Marriott). Please register for the post-event social and rub shoulders in a more casual environment with other prospective board members and the nonprofits. Please RSVP here:


1. Check-in!

Please check in at the registration tables to get your nametag, 10 pre-printed contact labels, a list & map of organizations represented, and some additional handouts in a folder.


2. 10 minute orientation and mini-board training sessions – optional

Just beyond the registration area, we’ll be holding optional drop-in “how to do the fair” and mini-board training sessions. (Additional info below)


3. What to expect:

The organizations tabling will be clustered by general nonprofit type. A preliminary list is here: Take a look at your materials to decide if you want to target a certain category (or even organization), or just browse.

Each organization will have a staff person and a board member who can tell you about the organization, the board, financials, what they’re seeking in new board members, and which existing board members would be your board buddy (they acts as an informal mentor). They should also have a sign-up sheet to add you to their mailing list and to follow up with you about joining the board.

If you are seriously interested in a board, try to schedule a follow up meeting right on the spot. Every organization has a different review process for new board members, and you also should ask for the information you need to make a good decision.


4. How to prepare:

This is really up to you. Most people (regardless of race or experience) who join a board don’t have a lot of training or a background in nonprofits the first time around! But good things to think about are what YOU are passionate about, and what you want to experience and learn. There will be handouts in your folder that will suggest some questions to ask the organizations: board role, board style/culture, board requirements, organizational finances, etc.


5. Ask anything!

We will have helpers floating around to answer any of your questions, as best they can, about being on a board, choosing an organization, etc. We’ll also try to be in the refreshments area if you want to chat over a snack.


6. Don’t forget to sign up for the social hosted by Make It. MSP. 

See above for link.


7. Please join our group on Facebook (this is for POCI only)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Board Recruitment Fair, as there are the 125 nonprofits!


– Board Repair team


Orientation and Training Schedule

How to do the “Fair” (10-15 minute session)

In this session we will explore what materials you have to get connected, key questions to ask, tips for interactions, getting around and finding what you’re looking for, and how Board Repair is here to help support you during this process.
Joining a board: Preparations and Expectations (20 minutes)
This session is focused on what to do once you have identified a board that you want to join. We will discuss:  what should you have prepared before you meet, key questions, and materials/information that will help you make your decision. We will also cover some different pathways to joining a board and review examples of onboarding, board engagement, and general expectations that may be asked of you.
5:45pm – How to do the “Fair”
6:00pm – Joining a board: Preparations and Expectations
6:30pm – How to do the “Fair”
6:45 pm – Joining a board: preparations and expectations

Parking Options Near Courtyard Marriott

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