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City of Minneapolis Health Department

The Minneapolis Health Department provides a diverse range of services as it carries out its mission to improve the quality of life for all people in the city by protecting the environment, preventing disease and injury, promoting healthy behaviors, and creating a city that is a healthy place to live, work, and play.

Health and Human Services

This is an unpaid position.

The Violence Prevention Steering Committee was created to provide expertise on violence prevention and to serve as a liaison between the Committee and other City-affiliated projects and/or programs. This committee will contain appointed representatives from multiple sectors (voting members) and representatives of other public safety strategies from within the City enterprise (nonvoting members). The membership shall reflect the ethnic and the cultural diversity of Minneapolis and be co-chaired by one community representative and one government representative.

The Steering Committee’s purpose is:

Oversee the process of reviewing and updating the City’s comprehensive violence prevention strategic plan (currently known as the Blueprint for Action).
Oversee marketing, branding, and creation of a strategic communications plan.
Oversee the general implementation of the City’s comprehensive Violence Prevention strategic plan, including prioritizing focus areas, making decisions about programming and resources, and informing future violence prevention work in the City.
Provide advice, recommendations, and support with high level strategic policy and legislative issues.
Review the need for and recommend the establishment of specialized work groups/subcommittees.
Promote and engage a cross-section of community stakeholders and partnerships in the implementation of the City's violence prevention strategic plan.
Ensure City initiatives related to violence prevention and public safety are aligned.
Explore and maintain strategies related to community-police relations.
Approach the work with a lens that proactively seeks to eliminate racial inequities that lead to disproportionate rates of violence in some communities and parts of the City.
Identify and recommend potential financial resources, advocate for funding for broader public safety, and violence prevention strategies.

Erin Sikkink
Public Health Specialist
(612) 673-2512

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