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Exodus Lending

Exodus Lending provides trapped payday borrowers a just pathway to financial stability. Exodus Lending is committed to helping financially stressed individuals build assets and avoid high-interest, serial payday borrowing – through an innovative lending program that incorporates financial coaching, community building, organizing, and advocacy. Board members are seeking entrepreneurial and creative leaders who have experience working with diverse groups of people and value the economic well-being of families and communities.

Health and Human Services

We are looking for individuals with experience in:

- Nonprofit Accounting
- Marketing and Communications
- Fundraising (this includes planning and carrying out events, major donor support,etc.)
- Advocacy/Organizing
- Legal
- Technical/computer/nerd skills (i.e. full stack developer)

Exodus Lending is committed to a Board that reflects and celebrates the many diverse voices of Minnesota with particular attention to women, people of color, and people from varied socioeconomic backgrounds. We are seeking to expand our presence statewide, so individuals located in, or with strong ties to Greater Minnesota are particularly encouraged to apply.

Expectations of Board Members
Members are accountable to the executive committee who will perform a review annually of the following expectations. Members are expected to:

Demonstrate commitment to upholding the mission of the organization.
Possess a willingness to leverage personal and professional networks on behalf of the organization’s mission.

Act as an ambassador and cheerleader for Exodus Lending.

Give financially to the organization, a gift that is significant for each person.

Actively participate in at least 5 of the 6 (every other month) board meetings per year, as well as participation in meetings and as needed in the months when the board doesn’t meet

Attend at least 2 events each year (fundraisers, congregational presentations, community meetings, etc.)

Participate on at least one board committee or task force, as needed.

Length of Term:
Three years, renewable once consecutively with the approval of the board.

Shared Board Responsibilities:
Uphold values: Perform duties in a manner that is consistent with the values of the organization, including transformation, transparency, and relationship-building.

Strategic Planning: Oversee strategic planning efforts for the organization, review strategic plan annually to check the organization’s progress against the goals.

Evaluation: Ensure that all programs and staff are evaluated at least annually. Review evaluation reports to identify areas for improvement and oversee development of plan to address these issues.

Financial Compliance: Approve annual budget and any significant changes made to the budget during the year. Monitor cash flow, and ensure that an audit of the organization’s finances is conducted when appropriate.

Legal Issues: Ensure that the organization is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Ensure that there are adequate risk management procedures, including the personnel policies for the organization.

Personnel Issues: Hire, supervise and evaluate the Executive Director, develop and approve personnel policies for the organization.

Communication/Promotion: Ensure that the organization has a communications plan. Promote the organization whenever possible through business and personal contacts.

Resource Development: Ensure that the organization has adequate resources for its programs and operations. Raise funds for the organization from foundation, corporate and individual sources. Introduce friends and colleagues to Exodus Lending. Plan and implement fundraising events.

Board Development: Monitor the work of the board on a regular basis and put processes in place to recruit new board members.

Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer
Executive Director
(612) 615-0067

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