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FilmNorth’s mission is to empower artists to tell their stories, launch and sustain successful careers, and advance The North as a leader in the national network of independent filmmakers. We achieve our mission by nurturing a vibrant, diverse community of film and media artists; providing education and resources at every stage of their careers; and celebrating their achievements.

Arts, Culture and Humanities

We see media arts as a tool for all artists (as many artists incorporate media into their performances, websites, grant proposals, etc)--so we value board members with a primary focus in another art form, but with an interest in film. In addition, as a non-profit organization, governance is not film specific--so anyone with strong knowledge of the non-profit sector is valued. We are particularly interested in having people join our board who are 1) well-versed in DEI initiatives/outreach/training, 2) have a strong financial background (ex: CPA), and/or 3) who have experience with marketing/outreach.

We have a fairly low financial give/get: $500. This can be achieved through a donation, in-kind services, membership in the organization ($85), and/or buying tickets to our events (ex: fundraising Gala, FilmNorth Forum, special screenings, etc.)


Andrew Peterson
Executive Director
(651) 644-1912

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