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Gender Justice

Gender Justice is a 501(c)3 nonprofit legal and policy advocacy organization working to advance gender equity through the law. We do this work through impact and strategic litigation, policy advocacy, legal analysis, public education and training, and building strategic movement partnerships

Public, Societal Benefit

To their best of their abilities, Board members deliver:

• Ensure the mission of Gender Justice is well understood and embraced by the board, management, and other key stakeholders, and ensure congruence between decisions and core values
• Focus on organizational strategic priorities and dedicate resources to achieve goals
• Honor Gender Justice’s commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities GJ serves, and ensure that board recruitment meets the needs of the organization
• Represent Gender Justice to stakeholders; acting as an ambassador for the organization

• Take part in the oversight of management and operations of the organization
• Prepare in advance and attend meetings of the board; ask questions, exercise independent judgement, and request information to take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other board matters
• Contribute to the hiring and the ongoing evaluation and annual performance evaluation of the Executive Director
• Serve as a trusted advisor to the Executive Director as they lead the organization and implement Gender Justice’s strategic plan
• Evaluate board member needs and effectiveness of working together to meet board development, recruitment, and orientation needs
• Participate in recruiting board members to meet the goals and objectives of the organization

Planning & Committees
• Help set long-term and short-term goals for the organization that align with mission and vision of the organization in partnership with the Executive Director
• Maintain Gender Justice’s Board and Committee work plans
• Follow the governing documents of the organization, which include articles of incorporation, bylaws, constitution, code of ethics, and other documents governing the organization
• Develop performance measures for the organization and effectively use those measures to evaluate and execute corrective action plans when needed
• Establish and monitor committees having the authority of the board and provide well-defined responsibilities and authority for each committee
• Participate on at least one board-established committee

Finance & Fundraising
• Provide oversight and support for the Finance Committee of the organization including oversight relating to audits of Gender Justice financial statements and internal controls, ensuring federal and state reporting compliance
• Oversee financial performance and provide for risk management through monitoring financial results, operational liability, and organizational reputation within the community
• Verify that published reports and financial reports provided to the board are transparent and properly reflect the operating results and financial condition of the organization
• Approve the annual budget of the organization including setting target for reserves
• Support organizational fundraising efforts and actively participate through personal contributions and/or by generating support for the organization
• Make a meaningful annual contribution that is commensurate with the member’s financial capacity

Conflicts of Interest
• Ensure that management has established appropriate policies to define and identify conflicts of interest throughout the organization, and is diligently administering and enforcing those policies
• Follow conflict of interest policy requirements regarding excusing themselves from discussions, decisions, and votes where a perceived or substantive conflict of interest exists
• Sign the Annual Statement - Conflict of Interest document for board members

Board Terms
• Gender Justice Board Members serve three-year terms for no more than two consecutive terms (six years)
• Gender Justice Board Officers serve a one-year term, eligible for re-appointment for additional terms
• Gender Justice Board Members serve on Committees for one-year terms with continued participation evaluated annually by the Board as part of its regular planning process

The Gender Justice Board of Directors provides fiduciary oversight, mission-based leadership, strategic governance, and advice to the Executive Director who manages day-to-day operations.

The average monthly board member commitment is 5 hours per month—which includes five Board meetings per year, committee participation, new member orientation, and a retreat.

Adrian Elaine Doerr
Finance and Administration Director
(651) 789-2090

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