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Graywolf Press

Graywolf Press is a leading independent publisher committed to the discovery and energetic publication of twenty-first century American and international literature. We champion outstanding writers at all stages of their careers to ensure that adventurous readers can find underrepresented and diverse voices in a crowded marketplace. We believe works of literature nourish the reader’s spirit and enrich our broader culture, and that they must be supported by attentive editing, compelling design, and creative promotion.

Arts, Culture and Humanities

The publication of Citizen by Claudia Rankine in 2014 was a landmark occasion for Graywolf Press, reinforcing the importance of valuing diversity in society overall and in the publishing world. The board governance committee, tasked with recruitment, prioritizes diversity when considering the cultivation of new members. This is an essential part of building a more equitable society.

In 2020-21 Graywolf is also looking to recruit members whose skills and interests may include fundraising/philanthropy and fostering engagement with new audiences.

• All members are expected to attend meetings of the full board and participate in the work of their assigned committee.
• They are also expected to participate in fundraising and advocacy, attend Graywolf events and readings, occasionally host events, and read Graywolf titles.
• Graywolf board members should also give what is, for them, a significant annual financial donation. This contribution can be made as a one-time donation each year, or may be pledged to give in installments throughout the year.

o Graywolf board members are encouraged to give a minimum annual contribution of $6,000 to support the work of the Press. It is understood that some board members may not be able to make this minimum financial commitment, but will contribute to Graywolf in other ways.
o In addition, Graywolf undertakes strategic fundraising campaigns from time to time. During such campaigns, board members are asked to make a multi-year commitment that is significant to them.

Graywolf Press is currently guided by a board of directors of twenty members. Alongside their fiduciary and overall governing responsibilities, they make charitable contributions and lend expertise through work on the standing committees: governance, finance, development, and engagement. Each meets five or six times per year, while the full board meets quarterly in addition to an annual retreat. Board members generally serve two three-year terms.

Josh Ostergaard
Development Officer

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