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Headway Emotional Health Services

empower people of all ages to live an emotionally healthy life.

Health and Human Services

The board is currently seeking members who have skills/experience in the following areas: marketing, communications, small business management/ownership, Human Resources, human services (delivery or customer).

The board meets 2 out of 3 months in Richfield, Golden Valley or Brooklyn Center. Each board member is expected to participate on one board committee in addition to the board meetings. Committees either meet once a month or every other month. Board & committee meetings typically start at 7:30 AM and last 60-90 minutes.

The Headway Board is a governance Board. The primary role of board members is to support the organization achieve its mission. Board members offer professional skills and experiences that help the CEO navigate the challenges and the opportunities. Headway operates on a social enterprise model. This means we base our sustainability on revenue produced by the delivery of services and reimbursements earned from those services. Fund development/fundraising is not a major source of revenue for the organization.

Patrick Dale

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