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Hopewell Music Cooperative North

The mission of Hopewell Music Cooperative North is to empower under-resourced youth and adult students in North Minneapolis through high quality and affordable music education that is accessible to all regardless of age, background, ability, or financial circumstance.

Arts, Culture and Humanities

Hopewell Music welcomes folkx of all backgrounds to the board. High priority areas of experience and expertise include:

Passion for Music education
Prior non-profit board experience
Nonprofit or relevant for-profit expertise in areas of:
- Fundraising & Development
- Finance
- Law
- Project management or overall organization management
- Human resources

Responsibilities & Expectations of board members:
- Attend Board and committee meetings and attend a majority of special events hosted by Hopewell Music
- Serve on at least one committee and offer to take on individual projects as determined in collaboration with the Executive Director.
- Make an annual personal financial contribution to the organization.
- Work to enhance Hopewell Music's public standing by informing others about the organization and soliciting financial and volunteer support.

Apply through our online application:

To Learn More: Please contact Beth Young at

Hopewell Music is seeking 1-2 new members to join our energetic, hands-on Board of Directors. The board works with the Executive Director and other Board Members to set the overall direction for the organization, compose and follow a strategic plan, and make sure that Hopewell’s stated mission is being carried out in the best ways possible. They also act on behalf of Hopewell and its stakeholders, including the recipients of our programs, our funders, other volunteers, the government, and taxpayers.

LENGTH OF TERM: 2 years, with an option to renew the term.

TIME COMMITMENT: 6 - 8 hrs a month to Hopewell Music work and support.

BOARD MEETINGS: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, 6:30 - 8:00pm -- will be returning to monthly after the conclusion of strategic planning

Beth Young
Board - Secretary

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