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Keane Sense of Rhythm

To preserve, present, create, and expand the boundaries of American Tap Dance. We accomplish our mission through educational programs, creation of new works, performing, presenting accessible tap events, collaborating with other artists, and investing in talented youth.

Arts, Culture and Humanities

We specifically need help with fundraising and marketing at this time. We also write grants to teach underserved youth in St Paul Public Schools and would love the opportunity to expand our programs.

Board meetings are monthly, expect to work 2-4 hours a month, usually on Sundays at noon . We ask that Board members give personally significant amount in donation to work as a match for other contributions. This is kept confidential. This is a working BOD and we expect members to be on one committee such as Marketing and fundraising.

The BOD meets about 10 out of 12 months, it is a working BOD. Everyone must also be on at least one committee.

Ellen Keane
Executive/Artistic Director
(651) 263-7226

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