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Keystone Community Services

Keystone Mission: To strengthen the capacity of individuals and families to improve their quality of life.Keystone Vision: Individuals, youth, families and seniors in our community have the resources and skills they need to live with hope and dignity.

Health and Human Services

We are open to all skills and experiences; Government Relations, Fundraising, Professional Advisor, Legal and Finance would be a plus.

Belief in Keystone’s mission, good communication skills, initiative, analytical ability, decision-making and planning skills, a team player, creative problem-solver, flexible and inclusive.

The Board of Directors is the steward of Keystone Community Services. As a collective body, the Board governs the organization to ensure that operations adhere to its mission, vision and values. The board also ensures adherence to all laws and is accountable to the public. The Board sets and monitors corporate policy. The Board operates through the President, who is the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO, in turn, executes policy and is responsible for the prudent and creative operations of the organization.

Board Member Responsibilities:

1. Determine the organization’s mission and purpose.
2. Hire and support the Chief Executive and assess his or her performance.
3. Represent the needs, interests and values of those invested in the organization and its services. These include the staff, the funders, the service recipients, and the communities in which the Agency operates.
4. Insure that the organization satisfies all legal, financial and operational accountability requirements.
5. Set policy and establish organizational goals
6. Review and amend bylaws.
7. Nominate and elect officers.
8. Help recruit new Board members.
9. Attend all Board and appropriate committee meetings and abide by decisions made by the Board.
10. Adopt budgets.
11. Participate in fund-raising activities.
12. Make an annual gift to the organization.

Adero Riser Cobb
Director of Human Resources and Operations
(651) 603-6647

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