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Minneapolis Arts Commission

The Minneapolis Arts Commission assists the city to foster a vibrant creative environment by advising City officials, departments, and neighborhoods; serving as a liaison for the community; and advocating for the arts.

Arts, Culture and Humanities

Members of the Arts Commission must be residents or property tax payers of Minneapolis. Openings on the Commission include positions in the following catagories:
- Administrative staff or board member of an arts organization
- Lay person
- Artist

The Arts Commission exists to foster development of the arts; to stimulate participation in and appreciation of the arts by all city residents; to encourage cooperation and coordination between artists and the various arts; to seek financial support for the arts; to act as an advocate for the arts before private and public agencies; to advise the city council with respect to arts related matters; to strive for high standards of quality in the arts; and to represent the arts whenever possible.

Tina Beech
Program Assistant
(612) 673-3242

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