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Minneapolis Climate Action

The mission of Minneapolis Climate Action is to inspire and empower our neighbors to action with innovative and equitable climate solutions. We focus on programs which are relevant, action-oriented, inclusive, local, community-based, and innovative.

Environment and Animals

One of our main goals now is to build a base of supporters and volunteers that truly reflects every neighborhood in Minneapolis and can help us guide programming and make connections in Native and BIPOC communities.

We do expect all board members to help with fundraising and donate to the organization at whatever level works for them, but understand that wisdom, experience and other skills are just as valuable as monetary donations. We do expect board members to make it to an many monthly meetings as they can.

Minneapolis Climate Action's board members are part of a hands-on working board for a small staff on one (for now - we are looking to grow). While the board is a working board, we also understand that people come with different skills, assets, and availability and are happy to work within those parameters.

Kyle Samejima
Executive director
(612) 849-0725

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