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MN Trauma Recovery Institute

MN-TRI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing recursive cycles of trauma, addiction, and criminal justice involvement through mental health services, training and education, and research.

Health and Human Services

Fundraising skills, board management and leadership skills

Some responsibilities of the President include:
1. Set meeting agendas and run meetings (currently bi-monthly - 6 annually)
2. Assign workloads to board members to strengthen organization vision, mission, goals, values, etc.
3. Facilitate discussion between members on vision, mission, and organization development
4. Guide short and long-term strategic planning for organization
5. Oversee marketing, finance, and fundraising committee chairs and operations
6. Make speeches, attend public events, write newsletter and magazine articles, and conduct interviews with media to promote the organization

Lekie Dwanyen
Current Board President
(763) 843-9353

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