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MPLS (imPulse)

MPLS (imPulse) is a 24-voice festival chamber chorus based in Minneapolis. Founded in 2014 by Samuel Grace, the ensemble seeks to re-imagine traditional conventions in choral music and to engage audiences with eclectic music in diverse spaces. We prioritize the performance of choral music that is eclectic in nature, and we do it in the most diverse spaces we can find (planetarium, brewery, public library, to name a few).

Arts, Culture and Humanities

Key areas of expertise we are seeking:

-Marketing and Outreach Strategy
-Technology (video, audio recording, etc.)
-Legal and/or Contract Negotiation
-Human Resources
(Note: you do not need to have experience in more than one of these areas to be considered.)

If you would like to be considered as we expand our Board, please submit your letter of interest and resume to In your letter, please highlight the knowledge and skills that you bring to the table that you believe will help MPLS (imPulse) advance our mission.

Our ideal candidates will honor our mission statement and board expectations, while enthusiastically serving on board committees, contributing creative ideas and solutions, and working collaboratively with fellow board members on larger initiatives.

Board Expectations

-Attend scheduled board meetings
-Participate in one (or more) board committee(s)
-Come prepared to each board meeting with a report on your MPLS (imPulse) related activities since the previous meeting (i.e. committee involvement or projects)
-Help create and sustain an action-oriented environment at each board meeting
-Attend performances
-Recruit 2 first-time ticket buyers every concert
-Financially contribute to MPLS (imPulse) at any dollar level each year of service our goal is to have 100% board participation.

Bergit Nerheim
Chair of the Board
Not Listed

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