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Parks and Trails Legacy Advisory Committee

The committee was convened by the Metropolitan Council, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Coalition to advise on use of Legacy Funds to support state and regional parks and trails. The mission of the Parks and Trails Legacy Advisory Committee is to champion the 25-year Parks and Trails Legacy Plan by providing recommendations to enhance promotion, coordination, and accountability throughout implementation of the plan.

Environment and Animals

Among the expertise and perspective desired for committee members are backgrounds in youth programs, natural resource and outdoor skills building education, resource management, marketing, new technology, tourism, and business. Applicants should describe their background and experience related to two of the four pillars of the 25-year plan: Connect People and the Outdoors; Acquire Land, Create Opportunities; Take Care of Parks and What We Have; and Coordinate Among Partners.

Committee members must be 18 years or older and a resident of the
State of Minnesota.

Committee members are expected to attend six meetings a year. Meetings
are generally five hours long. Meetings are located throughout the state so that members have the opportunity to see and experience projects and programs funded by the Parks and Trails Legacy Fund. Committee members should be willing to travel, however if travel is not possible all meetings can be attended remotely. Carpools are provided. Expenses for lodging, meals, and mileage are reimbursed (if reimbursement is an issue other arrangements can be made).

The role of a committee member is to advise on the implementation of the Legacy Plan. The committee does not recommend the allocation of funding for specific projects.

The committee engages with stakeholders and the public. For example, committee members helped engage thousands of visitors to the DNR building at the Minnesota State Fair about how Legacy funds have supported state and regional parks and trails throughout Minnesota.

Darin Newman
principal planner
(651) 259-5611

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