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The Lift Garage

The Lift Garage was founded by Cathy Heying—a social worker who observed that a recurring issue for people on the economic margins was affordable car repair. Since the need wasn’t being met, Cathy went back to school to become a trained mechanic with plans to begin fixing cars in her driveway upon graduation.Her responsiveness inspired a group of committed individuals to join her in establishing, in 2012, a nonprofit garage that provides a vehicle to move people out of poverty and homelessness by offering low-cost car repair, free pre-purchase car inspections, and honest automobile advice.The Lift has continued to grow and mature. Our vision is to continue to refine garage operations, to expand The Lift’s capacity to offer quality services, and to explore establishing a training program that would prepare people to work in entry-level positions in car repair.

Health and Human Services

Qualified candidates will have a basic understanding of the structural issues that contribute to poverty, a deep respect for diverse people and situations, and a willingness to learn. Ideal candidates will be solid individual contributors who are open to working collaboratively with others to accomplish the mission of The Lift.

Board terms will be three (3) years in length.
Annual elections are held at the October meeting of the board. Candidates elected will begin their term in November of that year and conclude their
term in October three years later.
For community members serving on Committees, we ask a one-year commitment that will begin in January and conclude in December.

Board Members:
 Attend a monthly, two-hour Board meeting—currently held on the fourth Monday of the month, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
 Contribute actively to at least one Board Committee, task force, or other Board assignment for an average of four (4) hours per month.
 Participate in Lift fundraising events.
 Make an annual financial contribution significant for your personal situation.
 Engage in the annual daylong Board planning retreat.
 Commit to playing a meaningful role in the successful execution of the
organization’s stated goals.
 Serve as solid individual contributors who also work collaboratively with others to
accomplish responsibilities as a Board.
 Reflect on the goals of the organization and then declare at least one personal board
goal that supports individual growth as a board member and enhances individual contributions to the successful execution of the organization's mission, vision and annual goals.
Community (non-elected) Committee members:
 Attend monthly or periodic Committee meetings (varies by Committee), averaging two (2) hours per month
 Engage in an average of two (2) to four (4) hours of work each month on Committee tasks outside of meetings.

The Lift Board is currently interested in filling two open Board positions, with specific interest in candidates who have knowledge and background in the following areas: fundraising and development; non-profit board governance, human resources, experience as staff or a board member of a mid-size non-profit (budget of $1 to $5 million).

We are also seeking non-elected Committee members interested in working with Board members as contributors to the following Committees: Finance, Fundraising, Governance.

Becca Tumm
Board Chair

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