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The SEAD Project

Started in 2010, The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora Development) is a creative social venture on a mission to be an accessible community hub that provides streamlined cross cultural workshops, exchanges and knowledge-sharing for Southeast Asian locals and diaspora communities. Through safe and welcoming spaces, we hope to connect the disconnected and drive empowerment to plant the seeds of hope and possibility locally and globally.

Arts, Culture and Humanities

Desired Skills & Experience:
Finance, fund development, nonprofits, community engagement, community development, donor relations, marketing/communications, IT/digital technologies, education, research, program development, international relations

Desired Backgrounds
 Southeast Asian diaspora/heritage backgrounds (Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Vietnamese)
 Experience and knowledge working with diverse groups (specifically Southeast Asian communities)
 Resides in Minnesota Twin Cities metro area (specifically Saint Paul/Minneapolis) and/or Southeast Asia
 Experience and knowledge of Southeast Asia region, diaspora development, issues and affairs

We are currently seeking board leaders who come from Southeast Asian diaspora backgrounds (Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Vietnamese) and who are team-oriented, open-minded, creative and passionate about community-informed programming. We expect that board members are self-motivated leaders who are committed and dedicated to SEAD's mission, vision, and understand the expectations and values that are pivotal to our organizational approach.

 Community-Led
 Culturally Accessible
 Creative Thinking
 Innovative-Driven
 Fair + Equitable
 Transformative
 Empowering
 Integrity-Leading
 Transparent
 Continuously-Learning
 Holistic + Balanced

Currently, SEAD board is a working board that works primarily on nonprofit governance, fundraising and ambassadorship, and fiscal accountability and decisions.

Chanida Phaengdara Potter
Executive Director
(612) 460-5559

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