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Transit for Livable Communities & St Paul Smart Trips

Transit for Livable Communities and St. Paul Smart Trips merged in 2017 to create a new organization that is leading the movement for an equitable transportation system in Minnesota that puts people first.

Public, Societal Benefit

We are seeking diverse skill sets that support a well rounded organization and are open to all applicants. Specific areas of expertise we would like to supplement are large corporate connections, development, finance, accounting, and health care advocacy, policy, or public health relations.

Board Members are required to participate in Board meetings, serve on a Board Committee, and contribute financially to the organization at an amount that is meaningful to the individual. Board terms are 2 years.

The board of directors is charged with guiding the strategic direction and long-term sustainability of the organization. Board members act as leaders in ensuring the organization is fiscally sound; that programs are mission-driven and effective; and that the organization's vision and values are lived out in daily work.

Beth Pfeifer
Board Chair
(612) 418-4955

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