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World Savvy

World Savvy is a national education nonprofit that works with educators, schools, and districts to integrate the highest quality of global competence teaching and learning into K-12 classrooms, so all young people can be prepared to engage, succeed, and meet the challenges of 21st century citizenship.

Education and Research

We’re looking for Board members who:
• Are passionate about, and committed to, World Savvy's mission, goals, and values
• Are in a position to help us build the reach and influence of our network
• Are willing to represent the organization to the broader community, including but not limited to members of local government, philanthropic leaders and donors, educators, media, and the businesses community
• Have an interest in understanding Board responsibilities through orientation, ongoing training, documentation of resources and evaluation
• Are committed to meeting the required Board of Directors “give or get” fundraising policy

Following an internal assessment of Board member skills and demographics, the World Savvy Board identified key areas of intentional recruitment within these three categories that are designed to create a dynamic board that can lead the organization for the coming years. They are as follows:

• DIVERSITY: Everyone with an interest in Board service is welcomed and encouraged to nominate him or herself to the World Savvy Board of Directors. One of our Board development goals is to ensure Board members represent a broad and diverse set of perspectives in line with or organizational values. We are particularly interested in adding leaders who bring global, racial, ethnic or other perspectives not currently represented on the Board.

• LEADERSHIP: We welcome Board members who represent, have contacts and maintain a sphere of influence among the following sectors and areas of professional life: Corporate Leadership –Philanthropy – Technology – Finance – Brand Visibility/Public Affairs – K-12 Public Education

• EXPERTISE: The goals of the continuing Board are to enhance the fundraising capacity of the board, provide guidance and support for staff that serve as operating management, and contribute to the longevity and financial independence of World Savvy. The following skills sets and expertise that will help to move the organization forward: Fundraising/Foundations/Endowments – Venture Capital – Social Enterprise – Technology – Finance – Public Relations/ Marketing/Communications – Strategic Planning

Annual Commitment: Working with the Executive Director, Board members are required to enter into an annual agreement that calls for self-evaluation at the end of each fiscal year. The agreement asks each Board member to identify at least one special project at World Savvy that will make effective use of their individual expertise and skills set and/or enable the Board member to explore and expand a new area of interest related to the station. Each Board member is further asked to document at least two public appearances on behalf of the organization each year (e.g., speaking engagement, attendance at special event/networking opportunity, attendance at a training, etc.) Board members must also actively contribute to work with at least one committee annually, and must attend program events held locally each year (this is typically three times annually).

Monthly Commitment: Approximately 5-6 hours, distributed as follows;
Board meetings: The World Savvy Board of Directors meets three times annually in person, and once by phone. These meetings typically take place in at the end of the program year in May (in-person meeting), August (in-person meeting), November (in-person meeting), and February (call). All members are required to be present with occasional exceptions made for phone participation.

• 2 - 4 hours per month (depending on need): Committee meetings; Board members are asked to serve actively on at least one committee (see below).
• 2- 4 hours: Special projects, etc. as agreed to in the annual commitment, outlined above.

Officers & Committees: Each year, the Board elects its own officers for one-year terms, assigns the producer representative seat, and configures service on committees. This is done in accordance with the Bylaws and based on member interest, expertise, and organizational need. Standing Board Committees include:

• Leadership & Nominating (Officers Only, Board Chair is Committee Chair)
• Development
• Finance (Treasurer is Chair)
• Program

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of World Savvy in a manner that is consistent with nonprofit law in California, Minnesota and New York, the organization’s bylaws, and the organization’s mission. In partnership with staff, Board members provide assurance and oversight over major policies and procedures, especially those that impact the long-term health and well-being of the nonprofit. The Board is committed to upholding best practices in all aspects of the organization’s work and to embracing broader standards of nonprofit excellence. Serving as stewards who hold the organization in trust for the good of the entire community, Board members are willing and engaged public ambassadors of World Savvy, who understand and respect the nuances of executive leadership. As such, when the Board functions before the public, it speaks with one reasoned voice to all constituents and stakeholders. As a group, the Board always acts in the organization’s best interests - especially with respect to conflicts of interest, privacy, confidentiality, and professional codes of conduct. When acting as individuals, Board members contribute in ways that highlight their professional strengths, engage their personal expertise and encourage overall innovation by the Board-at- large.

Rolland Janairo
Chief Operating Officer
(401) 419-7603

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