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World Savvy

World Savvy is a national education nonprofit that works with educators, schools, and districts to integrate the highest quality of global competence teaching and learning into K-12 classrooms, so all young people can be prepared to engage, succeed, and meet the challenges of 21st century citizenship. Operates in MN, NY and CA.

Education and Research

Fund Development/philanthropy; strategic planning; education; finance/fiscal management; brand viability/public affairs.

Actively contribute to at least one committee and attend program events held locally each year. Meet three times in person, one time by phone annually.

Governance, stewards, ambassadors.

World Savvy has an annual Festival on May 12, 2017 during which 300-400 students from around the Twin Cities come together to share their ideas for changing the world. It's a great way for prospective board members to get to know World Savvy. They'd love to have people who might be interested in joining the World Savvy board get to know us at this event. For more information, contact

Dana Mortenson

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